What is a foam latex prosthetic?
 * It's a liquid latex that is whipped into a foam consistency, then poured/injected into a mold and baked in an oven to cure. Once opened and set, you have a soft pliable piece that can be adhered to the skin and mimics movement and expressions.
What materials are needed to apply one?
Adhesive-Either will work: Spirit Gum, Pro-Adhesive, Liquid Latex etc./to glue on prosthetic.

* Makeup-RMG (rubber mask grease), Theatrical, Airbrush etc./whichever you're comfortable using.

* Makeup brushes, sponges, q-tips, powder etc.

* Remover-Choose one that is compatible with the adhesive you're using. There are many adhesives & removers on the market, not all will work together.

 Can I reuse it? How many times?

* It depends on the prosthetic piece and what it's being used for. Some pieces are thinner than others. Each use will cause a little more wear and tear on it. It also depends how patient and careful you are during the removal process. That being said, here's what we have told people:

Film-A fresh piece for each shoot is preferred by most movie makers, especially if they are shooting in HD and are doing closeups.

Theatrical Productions-Depending on the length of the production and the actors, usually 2-4 times.

Haunters/Scareactors-We've been told that some scareactors have used their pieces 10-20 times. Most of them take very good care of their pieces because they love their characters.

For the average user-We typically tell them 2-4 times. There again it all depends on how you remove and care for it.

 Can you make Custom prosthetics/masks?

* Yes, we can! Let us know what it is you are wanting done. Please include any drawings, photo reference you might have. Contact us at www.boneyardfx.com.

 Do you offer wholesale/discount pricing? 

* We offer discount pricing to those that qualify. Please send email to sales@fxfaces.com for information and terms.