Zombie What 1-imperfect

Zombie What 1-imperfect

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Our imperfect appliances are considered factory seconds, meaning they have defects that don't meet our standards to sell at full retail price. There are many possible defects that can occur, this picture is an example and may vary from actual appliance you will receive.

Defects may include but not limited to:

Air bubbles (interior and/or surface)

* Rips, tears 

Discoloration (brownish or yellowing) a natural process of foam latex 

* Blending edges (thick and/or deformed)

* Missing packaging (i.e. vacuform, teeth, horns etc.)


• One (1) Unpainted Zombie What-1-imperfect foam latex prosthetic appliance 

* Step by step instructions on fxfaces.com

** Makeup, adhesive, remover, contact lenses, etc. not included

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